Approved companies: Gas and oil heating equipment installation companies, oil tank inspection companies and installation companies of plastic natural gas pipelines

Installation and maintenance of natural gas, LPG and oil heating equipment as well as inspection of underground oil tanks can only be carried out by approved companies. Tukes supervises the operations of these approved companies.

If your company is going to carry out any of the following, you must apply to Tukes for authorisation before you start the operations:

  • inspection of oil tanks;
  • installation and maintenance of natural gas, LPG and oil heating equipment; or
  • installation of plastic natural gas pipelines. Before applying for an authorisation installation companies of plastic natural gas pipelines must carry out sample work for which the approved inspection body provides certification. Instructions (in Finnish).

To check the appropriate qualification class for your company, refer to the qualification class table.

Fill in the application and submit it to Tukes.


An approved company must have a responsible person

The company must have a responsible person who has appropriate qualifications and the required tools.

Responsible person's qualification tests and certificates of qualification:

  • Gas and oil heating equipment and inspection of oil tanks: Lämmitysenergia Yhdistys ry organises the qualification testsrequired from the responsible persons and grants the appropriate certificate of qualification on the basis of the qualification test, required education/training and work experience.
  • Plastic natural gas pipelines: welders’ qualification training on plastic natural gas pipelines, including sample work. Training is organised by Hyria. Alternatively, applicable technical education and at least 1 year of work experience in the field of natural gas can be used as qualifications.

The approved company must provide a certificate signed by the responsible person regarding the maintenance and inspection tasks it has carried out. The certificate must indicate

  • that the work has been carried out in accordance with the relevant requirements and
  • what operation the certificate concerns.


Search for an approved company from the Tukes register

You can check the Tukes register for the companies authorised to install and maintain gas and oil heating equipment or inspect oil tanks.

An approved company is not required for the following work

  • gas and oil heating equipment maintenance work that, according to the operating and maintenance instructions, is the responsibility of the user
  • minor LPG installations where LPG is fed to the appliance with a hose, the maximum length of the hose being 120 cm
  • minor natural gas installations where the appliance is connected to a fixed pipework with a hose.

Before starting the operations of an approved company

The operator must be a company
If your company does not have a Business ID, submit an appropriate application to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

Appoint a responsible person for the company
The responsible person must have appropriate qualifications (Qualification requirements for the responsible persons of approved companies page on

Ensure that the conditions for operation are in order
Obtain the required equipment and tools.

Application to Tukes before starting the operations
Attach the responsible person's certificate of qualification to the application.

Approval and registration
The company may start its operations once Tukes has registered the company as an approved company.