How to transfer a responsibility mark from one company to another

You can transfer your company’s responsibility mark to another company in the e-service of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). As a result, the registration of your company’s responsibility mark will end, and Tukes will send a decision to your company in the e-service.

Please follow intructions:

  1. Go to the e-service, select “Tukes-palvelut” (Tukes services) in the list and then “Nimileima-asiat” (Responsibility mark). Log in using your online banking codes or a mobile certificate, and select “Nimileiman siirto yritykseltä toiselle” (Transferring a responsibility mark from one company to another).
  2. Please enter carefully the information requested in the online form, including information about the company to which you are transferring the responsibility mark, and click “Lähetä” (Send).
  3. The new company will receive information about the transfer by email, after which it must apply for the responsibility mark in the e-service (see instructions on how to apply for a responsibility mark).

Once Tukes has processed the case, a decision on ending the registration of the responsibility mark will be sent to your company, i.e. the company that transfers the responsibility mark to another company, in the e-service.


Transferring a responsibility mark from one company to another is free of charge, as well as stopping the registration of responsibility mark. However, a new company must apply for the use of the mark in the e-service. For the company applying for the use of the responsibility mark, the application and registration are subject to a charge.

Check the fees in the Tukes price list.


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