Requirements for soothers and soother holders

The aim of the requirements set for the construction of soother holders and chemicals in them is to ensure that soother holders are durable, small parts that pose a choking hazard do not detach from them and their straps do not pose a risk of strangulation.

In addition to legislation pertaining to child care articles, safety standard SFS-EN 12586+A1 also applies to soother holders. The standard includes detailed requirements for the construction of soother holders and markings that should accompany them.

Checklist for safe manufacture of a soother holder:

Prevention of strangulation risk:

  • The length should be no more than 22 cm, including the strap/band and the holder, not the clasp attached to clothing. If the material stretches, it should be measured as fully stretched. (Instructions for stretching can be found in the standard SFS-EN 12586+A1.)
  • The minimum width of the fabric band or chain is 6 mm.
  • A strap that includes beads must be at least 1.5 mm thick and after tests performed in accordance with standards no more than 15 mm of exposed band should be visible.

Prevention of choking hazard:

  • Soother holders must not contain small parts that detach easily, and small parts must not detach during tests performed in accordance with standards.
  • Parts of the soother holder that fit into a child’s mouth (e.g. a clasp) must have holes that allow air to pass through.

The packaging of a soother holder must include:

  • name of the product or the trademark;
  • contact details of the manufacturer;
  • the number of the applicable safety standard; and
  • warnings and instructions for use and cleaning or an indication that they can be found inside the packaging.

Jos tuttiketjussa on lelumaisia osia, kuten tuttiketjuun kiinnitetty nalle tai muu hahmo, ja sitä voidaan käyttää selkeästi leikkeihin, pitää tuttiketjun täyttää myös lelulain ja sen nojalla annettujen asetusten vaatimukset, ks. Lelut-sivu.


Guidelines on when an article is considered to be a toy can be found in the European Commission’s guidance document. Guidance document no. 4 includes examples of when an article could be considered to be a toy and towards the end of guidance document no. 11. there are good illustrated examples of articles that have use in play in addition to another purpose of use.

Requirements for soothers

Tutteja ovat huvitutit ja ruokailussa käytettävät tuttipullojen tutit.

Tuttien pitää täyttää kuluttajaturvallisuuslain ja tuttidirektiivin (93/11/ETY) vaatimukset.

In a safe soother holder, the combined length of the strap and the holder is no more than 22 cm, the width of the strap is at least 6 mm and the thickness at least 1.5 mm, there are no easily detachable small parts, there are holes in the parts that fit into a child’s mouth, toy-like parts (e.g. a small soft toy) are in compliance with legislation concerning toys.