Requirements for decorative ventless fireplaces

Important factors concerning the safety of decorative ventless fireplaces (also known as, for example, (bio)ethanol fireplaces) include:

  • choice of materials, stability,
  • sturdy fixings of fireplaces fixed to a wall or a ceiling,
  • tightness of the fuel container,
  • clean burn of the fuel,
  • appropriate warnings and instructions for installation and use.

Because ventless fireplaces are general consumer goods, they are not CE marked, and no permission from an authority is required to sell them.

The manufacturer, commissioner, importer, distributor and seller of a ventless fireplace are responsible for its safety.

Safety requirements for ventless fireplaces

Ventless fireplaces must meet the requirements of the Consumer Safety Act: they must not pose a danger to the health or property of consumers. Requirements on the fire safety of decorative ventless fireplaces are defined in standard SFS-EN 16647, which includes detailed safety requirements and test methods.

Markings and user instructions

Ventless fireplaces must be accompanied by:

  • instructions required for safe installation and use; and
  • warnings in Finnish and Swedish.

The instructions can include illustrative images to improve clarity, and instead of text, information can be provided with commonly known instruction or warning symbols. Standard SFS-EN 16647 provides detailed requirements on the labelling of ventless fireplaces.

Important warnings to be attached to ventless fireplaces include:

  • Only for decorative and domestic use.
  • Read the instructions before installation and use.
  • Only use the type of fuel specified in the user instructions.
  • Only use the fireplace in a ventilated space in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Never add fuel while the fireplace is hot or in operation.
  • Never overfill the fireplace and carefully wipe off any excess fuel before ignition.
  • Only use in a space with no draft.
  • Never ignite while hot.
  • Never move the fireplace while it is hot.
  • Never leave children or pets unsupervised near the fireplace.

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