Summary of obligations of the responsible person and the distributor

Company’s obligations

Responsible person (EU/EEA importer, manufacturer)

Only imports/manufactures compliant products for the EU/EEA market X  
Ensures that good manufacturing practices are followed X  
Ensures that a safety report has been drawn up and a safety assessment carried out X  
Product information, kept for 10 years X  
Submits products to the CPNP database X

(x) if it has text included in the packaging translated, the distributor also has an obligation to notify

Responsible for labelling, required labelling in Finnish and Swedish X X
Only sells compliant products to consumers X X
Ensures that the storage and transport conditions do not jeopardise the product's safety X X
Ensures that the date of minimum durability has not expired X X
Takes measures in case of any suspect of non-compliance of products X X
Co-operates with authorities X X
Identifies the supply chain upon request by an authority X X
Notifies Tukes of serious undesirable effects (SUE) caused by cosmetics X X