Smoke exhaust systems

The conformity of smoke exhaust systems can be attested with with a harmonised product standard and a CE marking. The latest updated lists of harmonised EN standards on smoke exhaust systems can be found on the hEN Helpdesk website by selecting CEN/TC 191 as the TC group in advanced search.

Smoke exhaust systems are used to remove smoke, caused by a fire, from a building or other burning structure.

Under the leadership of the Finnish Standards Association SFS, national implementation standards have been prepared for the implementation of certain smoke extraction standards in the EN 12101 series. The standards define the requirements by category to be applied in Finland to smoke extraction systems installed in buildings. The standards can be purchased from the SFS.


The owner and occupants of a building must keep smoke exhaust systems operational and appropriately maintain and inspect them. Installation and service activities for smoke exhaust systems are not regulated in the same way as they are regarding fire alarm and fire extinguishing equipment.