Commissioning Stage Inspections of Electrical Installations

The person carrying out electrical work must inspect the installations before they are taken into use. The inspection helps ensure the electrical safety and conformity of the installations.

Commissioning inspections

Before an electrical installation entity or part thereof is introduced into use, a commissioning inspection must be performed, and commissioning inspection record prepared.

The person performing the commissioning inspection must be a professional electrician.

The commissioning inspection consists of a visual inspection as well as various tests and measurements. As the installation work progresses, sensory inspections are carried out to ensure the safety and appropriateness of sections that remain within the structure.

There is no specific format set for the commissioning inspection record, but the following should be included:

  • identifying information: what has been done and where
  • name and contact information of the constructor of the electrical installations and the supervisor of electrical works
  • report on the electrical installations’ conformity with provisions and regulations
  • applied standards
  • general description of the inspection methods used
  • results of inspections and tests
  • signature of the inspector.

The commissioning inspection report is handed over to the customer who commissioned the electrical work.

A commissioning inspection report is not required for minor work, such as replacement or adding of a single installation fitting. However, inspection results must be handed over to the customer, if requested.

Example of an inspection record


Verification inspection

A verification inspection is carried out on residential buildings larger than a semi-detached house and other electrical installations with a main fuse of over 35A. For modification work, the most common limit is a work area with an overcurrent protection of over 35A.

The party carrying out the electrical work is responsible for commissioning the verification inspection. Inspection services are offered by authorised inspection bodies and authorised inspectors.

In the verification inspection, the appropriateness of the commissioning inspection is verified, and the safety of installations is ensured with spot-tests.

The inspector prepares an inspection certificate for the inspection and attaches an inspection sticker onto the switchboard or similar spot. The possessor of the installations should keep the inspection report for at least ten years.

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