Notifying via the EU Business Gateway system

In accordance with the General Product Safety Directive, a company must notify the authorities about its products that pose risks as well as the related measures taken to prevent the risks.

The authorities can be notified via the Product Safety Business Alert Gateway system (formerly known as the Business Application), for example. The system makes it easier to submit the notification and harmonises the information provided by companies to the authorities.

The notification on a dangerous consumer product is primarily submitted by the manufacturer located in the EU area, or if the manufacturer is not located in the EU area, a representative of the manufacturer or the importer.

The party submitting the notification must also carry out a risk evaluation on the product. The Risk Assessment Guidelines (RAG) of the European Commission can be used for this purpose, for example. If necessary, the company that submitted the notification is asked to provide more information and clarifications in addition to the information entered in the system.

The European Commission has also drawn up more detailed instructions on how to submit a notification. More information is also available from national authorities; a list of the authorities is available on the website of the European Commission.