E-marking on pre-packaged products

Pre-packaged products are products packaged to a nominal amount when the purchaser is not present. It is not possible to change the quantity contained in the pre-packaged product without opening or otherwise notably changing the package. Pre-packaged products include moisturiser tubes, cereal boxes and soft drinks bottles: all these have been packaged in a factory by the manufacturer, and the nominal amount of content is indicated on the label.

The manufacturer may apply for permission from an inspection body to use a small letter ℮ next to the indication of the quantity of content. The letter indicates that the pre-packaged product meets the requirements of the Directive on Pre-packaged Products, and that an inspection body monitors the procedures used by the manufacturer to confirm the quantity contained in the package. In Finland, Kiwa Inspecta Oy acts as the inspection body.

Requirements concerning pre-packaged products

  • The average actual quantity contained in the package must not be less than the nominal amount.
  • In each batch, the maximum share of pre-packaged products in which the negative error exceeds the ones set out in the Table must be small enough to meet the requirements of tests referred to in Annex II of the Directive on Pre-packaged Products.
  • Pre-packaged products with a negative error of more than twice the maximum permissible negative error stated in the Table are not allowed.

Table 1. Maximum permissible negative error in pre-packaged products.

Nominal amount Qn in grams or millilitres Permissible negative error TU1
  % of Qn Grams or millilitres

5 - 50


50 - 100 4,5
100 - 200 4,5
200 - 300 9
300 - 500 3
500 - 1000 15
1000 - 10000 1,5