Technical Requirements for Electrical Installations

The essential safety requirements for electrical installations are considered to be met if the installation is carried out following the standards listed in S10 list.

Installations are primarily carried out following the series of standard listed below:

  • installations up to 1000 V: standard series SFS 6000, Low voltage electrical installations
  • installations over 1000 V: standard SFS 6001, High voltage electrical installations

S10 contains a list of special requirements for certain equipment and areas, such as standards related to overhead lines and electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Regulatory compliance of old installations

Installations in old buildings usually do not have to be modified to meet current requirements, if they meet the requirements in force at the time of installation and their operating environment has not changed.

Over the years, there have only been a few retroactive changes to regulations concerning electrical installations.

Repair work on old installations can be carried out in accordance with the regulations in force at the time of original installation, but current regulations should be followed for extension work. Repair, alteration and extension work requirements for electrical installations are presented in part 8-802 of standard SFS 6000.