Requirements for domestic swimming pools and outdoor hot tubs

Manufacturers, commissioners, importers and sellers of domestic swimming pools and outdoor hot tubs are responsible for the safety of their products and for ensuring that they include the necessary user instructions and warnings.

Safety requirements for domestic swimming pools and outdoor hot tubs

Domestic swimming pools and outdoor hot tubs must meet the general safety requirements put forward in the Consumer Safety Act. They must not pose a danger to the health or property of consumers. Electrical safety must also be taken into account as appropriate (e.g. pumps and electrical water heaters).

The following European standards apply to different types of domestic swimming pools:

  • Swimming pools intended for domestic use: Parts 1-3 of standard SFS-EN 16582 and parts 1-3 of standard SFS-EN 16713
  • SFS-EN 16927 Mini pools

Paddling pools intended for small children are considered to be toys. A standard for outdoor hot tubs is currently being prepared.

Markings and user instructions

Swimming pools, hot tubs and their accessories (such as protective covers or hoods) must be accompanied by clear and consistent instructions on their safe use. Warnings and Instructions that are important for safety must be provided in Finnish and Swedish.

Essential information includes:

  • instructions for assembly, installation and use;
  • warnings necessary for use, such as a warning about the pool cover not being able withstand the weight of a human or instructions for cleaning the water;
  • instructions for storage, maintenance and cleaning;
  • instructions for removal from use and disposal; and
  • information about dangers related to use and disposal.

More detailed information about markings and instructions that should accompany different types of swimming pools is available in standards pertaining to them.

Note these

  • Dangerous situations involving domestic outdoor swimming pools or hot tubs can emerge, for example, if children using them are not appropriately supervised.
  • When a swimming pool or a hot tub is not in use it should be covered with a sturdy cover that is of the appropriate size and cannot be accidentally moved, for example.
  • Important factors related to safety also include correct installation, water quality and appropriate use of water cleaning chemicals.

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