Inspection activities

Verification inspections and periodic inspections required by the Electrical Safety Act are carried out by authorised inspectors and inspection bodies. The inspectors and inspection bodies who perform the inspections are impartial third-party operators in relation the party who has carried out the electrical work and the owner of the electrical installations.

In addition to a commissioning inspection, a verification inspection is also carried out on electrical installations of a certain size. Similarly, regular periodic inspections must be carried out on large electrical installations. Voluntary inspections can also be commissioned from inspectors for installations such as electrical installations of a detached house.

Responsibilities and duties of authorised inspectors and inspection bodies

The party carrying out a statutory inspection performs its duties while subject to the liability of a competent authority. In addition to statutory and voluntary inspections, some inspectors and inspection bodies offer various electrical expert services, such as inspections of electrical damage.

Inspectors and inspection bodies assess compliance with safety requirements for electrical installations and regulatory compliance. Authorised inspectors and inspection bodies operate on a commercial basis, meaning that they charge the customer for their services according to their own pricing principles.

Applying to become an inspector

You can apply for an authorising from Tukes to become an authorised inspector or inspection body. Tukes approves an authorised inspector or inspection body after ensuring that all requirements for approval are met. In its approval decision, Tukes defines the inspector’s scope of authorising and any related restrictions. The authorising of an authorised inspector is valid for a determined period. Further instructions and information can be found in Tukes instructions 17/2017.

Annual report for Tukes

Authorised inspectors and inspection bodies must submit to Tukes an annual report of their operations. Further information on the topics to be included in the annual report and other aspects related to preparing an annual report can be found in the Tukes instructions mentioned above. Annual report forms and cover letters can be found on the Forms page.