In-service verification of scales is required

Regular in-service verification of scales is required. The verification is carried out by an approved inspection body. The scales must be verified every three (3) years. As an exception, automatic line scales used to check quantity contained in the package must be verified every two (2) years.

A company using the measuring result to determine the price is responsible for ensuring that a suitable measuring instrument compliant with the requirements is used. The company is also responsible for ensuring that the use of the scales is monitored and that their reliability is verified regularly every three years. In addition, the scales must also be verified whenever there is a reason to suspect their reliability or their markings are damaged.

Verified scales have a verification mark as shown in Figure 4. The year and month of the last verification is indicated on the mark. The mark is shown on all measuring instruments after in-service verification.               

Figure 4. In-service verification mark. In this example, the verification was performed in January 2017.

Käytönaikaisen varmennuksen merkki. Tässä esimerkissä varmennus on tehty tammikuussa 2017.

Figure 5. A Finnish seal mark.

Suomalainen sinetöintimerkki.