Electrical works and contracting

If you intend to perform electrical works, your company needs a certified supervisor of electrical works, who is holder of a certificate of qualification covering the scope of your company's activities. The supervisor shall be in an employment relationship with the company. If the activities are not performed in the form of an enterprise, you personally serve as the supervisor, and need an appropriate-certificate of qualification.

Before you start electrical work activities for the first time, you are liable to submit a Notification of electrical works to Tukes (link). A notification on any major changes in operations, such as change of the certified supervisor of electrical works or the company's legal entity type, shall be submitted to Tukes. The notification is subject to a charge stated in the Tukes’ price list.

You can check the Tukes register (http://rekisterit.tukes.fi/fi/Urakoitsijat/) for who is authorised to perform electrical works in Finland. The register includes both companies and individuals.

The electrical works authorisation is required of your company or you personally, when

  • you build or repair fixed electrical installations
  • you repair electrical appliances to be plugged into the mains network.

There are a few exceptions when the electrical works authorisation is not needed:

  • everyman´s work (link to Do-it-yourself electrical works page)
  • certain works requiring specific electrical training or work experience (link to qualification page).

Requirements for starting electrical work activities:

Company or individual

  • Certified supervisor of electrical works, who is holder of a Finnish certificate of qualification (S1, S2 or S3) (link to Tukes page with information on certificates of qualification). The certificates of qualification are issued by SETI Oy.
    • The requirements for the certificate include suitable education and work experience in the field of the electricity, and passed electrical safety examination.
  • Company: certified supervisor of electrical works is in an employment relationship with the company.
  • Subcontractor: own certified supervisor of electrical works and notification of electrical works to Tukes.
  • Individual: you personally serve as the certified supervisor of electrical works
  • measuring instruments and other necessary tools
  • Electrical safety rules and regulations are available.
  • Company: business ID in the Trade Register
  • Foreign company: identification similar to Finnish business ID
  • Individual: personal identity code
  • Notification to Tukes on starting electrical work activities.
  • You will be issued a client number by Tukes.


Before starting electrical works

Certificate of electrical qualification
The qualification required of the certified supervisor of electrical works is granted by Henkilö- ja yritysarviointi Seti Oy.

Ensuring safe operating conditions
Measuring instruments, and electrical safety rules and regulations enable safe electrical work.

The right to perform electrical works can be held by a company or an individual
A company needs e.g. a business ID from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

Notification to Tukes about starting electrical work activities
Certificate of qualification shall be attached to the notification form (link).

Tukes shall registers the company or the individual.

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