Requirements on scales vary depending on the purpose of use

You are responsible for ensuring that the scales you use fulfil the requirements of the Finnish Measuring Instruments Act, when you use the scales’ weighing results for one of the purposes listed below:

  • determining the price based on the weighing result in direct sales to customers
  • checking the quantity contained in the package in manufacturing pre-packaged products
  • determining the price of a product or service or another financial benefit in business
  • determining the amount of customs duty, transport charge, tax, reimbursement, fine, remuneration, compensation or other similar charge
  • enforcement of laws and decrees as well as expert statements given in a trial
  • weighing patients in health care in order to monitor their condition and diagnose and treat the illness
  • in pharmacies, manufacturing medications based on a recipe and determining mass for analyses carried out in clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories.

The requirements of the law are fulfilled, when you use appropriately verified scales that comply with the requirements of the directives. Non-automatic scales, such as ordinary shop scales, must comply with the requirements of the NAWI Directive 2014/31/EU. Automatic scales must comply with the requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU.