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Citizens called to contribute to improvement of chemical hazard communication

8.11.2013 13.15
Press release

The first national chemical hazard communication plan is under preparation in Finland, and the first draft version is now ready. An open hearing is organised for gathering comments and opinions.

The aim of the communication plan and the actions described within is to increase distribution of reliable information on chemicals, including legal requirements and ways both citizens and companies can affect the health and environmental hazards caused by chemicals. With more effective communication, the authorities aim to improve chemical safety and in particular, increase awareness of chemical risks and how to use chemicals safely.

The draft has been prepared in nation-wide cooperation coordinated by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). Comments have been gathered from all major stakeholders within the field, and now the hearing is made open to the general public.

– With the open hearing we wish to call upon Finnish citizens to join us at discussing challenges, ways and channels for chemical communication and simultaneously, bring issues related to chemical safety into public discussion. Information on chemicals is needed at home, schools, work places and recreational activities. It is also important to help small companies to understand the challenges brought by European chemical legislation, says Director of Chemical Products Surveillance at Tukes Esa Nikunen, also the chairperson of the network of authorities preparing the plan.

The freshly published draft is open for comments, supplement requests and suggested amendments brought up by private individuals as well as companies and organisations.

The hearing is open till 30 November 2013.


Further information:

Esa Nikunen, Director of Chemical Products Surveillance, tel. +358 29 5052 107

Johanna Salomaa-Valkamo, Director of Communications, tel. +358 29 5052 481

[email protected]