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Minor defects in lighters

7.10.2013 9.30
Press release

After testing Tukes has discovered only minor defects in cigarette lighters. Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes ) had ten cigarette lighter models marketed in Finland tested by SGS Fimko Oy. The small defects discovered were related to e.g. warning labels and -symbols of which the importers have been notified of.

The testing was carried out following a request for an investigation and due to discussion in the EU on lighter safety. Products posing a fire risk are one of key areas of focus of Tukes’s market surveillance, and the testing was carried out as part of it.

The testing done at SGS Fimko Oy covered ten different lighter models by six different manufacturers. Brands sold on both retail stores and online were selected for testing, and the brands included Atomic, Bic, Colt (Djeep S.A.), Piezo, Tom and Unilite.

The lighters were tested according to the standard SFS ISO 9994, and properties tested included, among others, height of flame, spitting, sputtering and flickering. In addition, behaviour of the product was tested in high temperatures and after the product was dropped. Conformity to legislation was also under scrutiny: testers checked whether the markings and warnings were in accordance with standard requirements and if child safety followed paragraph 4 of the standard EN 13869.

During testing minor defects related to the flame flickering as well as warning symbols being insufficiently sized were discovered.  Some of the warnings were also lacking in a few lighters.

Tukes sent the inspection reports to the importers and requested the companies to forward the information further to the manufacturers.  Operators were requested to take action on the mentioned defects.

Finnish consumer safety legislation requires that consumer goods contain information that enables the product to be used safely. The information must be given in clear and understandable form both in Finnish and Swedish. According to the Consumer Safety Act, the responsibility for the safety of goods and services lies on the operator. A consumer product or service cannot pose a threat to the safety or the property of the consumer.

For more information on dangerous and non-conforming products, please visit the Tukes register (currently in Finnish only).

Further information: Senior Coordinator Kari Andersson, tel. +358 295 052 112, email. [email protected]