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European mining authorities meet to discuss social acceptability of mining activities

14.9.2015 8.18
Press release

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) will be hosting a meeting of European mining authorities in Finland on 15–16 September 2015 under the theme of the social acceptability of mines.

"The social acceptability of mines is largely connected with the overall benefits to society. Acceptability depends on how the locals are taken into account, dialogue with the local residents and businesses, and how the mining operations correspond with the area's natural values," says Terho Liikamaa, Chief Inspector of Mines at Tukes.

"The participating countries will have a presentation on the theme from their country's viewpoint, followed by a general discussion. The objective is to learn from others, share good practices, discuss topical issues and develop co-operation between European mining authorities," says Päivi Rantakoski, Director of Industrial Plants Surveillance at Tukes.

The meeting is participated by 26 European mining authority representatives from 12 countries, in addition to 12 representatives from Tukes, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland and the Geological Survey of Finland.

This is the 21st Meeting of the European Heads of State Mining Authorities, organised for the first time in Finland. The previous annual meeting was hosted by Ireland.

Tukes is Finland's permit and surveillance authority for the mining industry. Tukes decides on applications filed for permits and rights pursuant to the Mining Act, and runs Finland's mining register. It also supervises mining activities through reporting, mining inspections, surveillance visits, enquiries and based on initiatives by the relevant actors.

Finland had 21 mining companies in 2014, operating a total of 40 mines. Total investments in mines were EUR 190 million. Both the mines' total mining volume (74.8 million tons) and ore/dimension store quarrying (29.5 million tons) went down. No new mines are being planned, with only minor extensions to existing ones. The amount of boring in ore prospecting was 143 km, down by 20% on the previous year's level, and this year's total volume and ore prospecting boring will probably fall slightly more.

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Director Päivi Rantakoski, tel. +358 29 5052 359

Chief Inspector of Mines Terho Liikamaa, tel. +358 29 5052 117

Senior Adviser Aki Ijäs, tel. +358 29 5052 682 (practical meeting arrangements)

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