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Plant protection products and biocide register now available on KemiDigi

Publication date 18.12.2020 9.00
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The plant protection products register and biocide register are now part of the KemiDigi online service. The plant protection products register contains all plant protection products authorised for use in Finland, and the biocide register all the biocidal products authorised for use in Finland.

You can use KemiDigi to search for information on chemicals on the Finnish market. Companies can submit different statutory notifications to authorities from KemiDigi, such as chemical notifications related to dangerous chemicals and notifications on the annual sales volumes. 

The chemical products register has already been in KemiDigi, containing information on all the dangerous chemicals on the Finnish market. The substance register contains information on substances. The information is based on the register maintained by the European Chemicals Agency.

The search functions of the plant protection product register to improve in 2021

The plant protection products register opening now is a simplified version that you can use to search for information on authorised and removed products by typing the product’s name, register number or active substances. 

At the start of 2021, the full version of the plant protection products register becomes available, which means you will be able to use the search based on the plant or pest. In future, you can also use the search function based on the usage restrictions of use, active substance’s mode of action and the product’s usage location. As a new feature, you can also find out the dates for authorisations validity or transitional period from the register.

Accepted biocidal products in KemiDigi

The biocide register, biocidal pesticide register and the lists of accepted antifouling products and preservatives are now also on KemiDigi.

The biocide register contains the biocide products authorised for use in Finland in accordance with the Chemicals Act, Biocidal Products Directive or Biocidal Products Regulation. A biocide product can also be authorised at EU level. The biocide products that have a Union authorisation are listed only on the European Chemicals Agency’s (ECHA) website.

You can also now use the biocide register to search for products authorised for consumer use separately, or for products that require a qualification in pest control. 

KemiDigi is maintained by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). 


Further information  
KemiDigi: Project Manager Satu Rantala, tel. +358 29 5052 013
Plant protection products register: Senior Officer Elina Pihlajaniemi, tel. +358 29 5052 228
Biocide register: Senior Officer Pia Lindfors, tel. +358 29 5052 032
Email formats: [email protected]

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