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Tukes' new strategy embraces the possibilities involved in the reform of the work of government authorities

16.5.2016 12.30
Press release

The new strategy of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes), for the period up to 2022, emphasises responsibility, accountability, a risk-based approach, digitalisation and cooperation. Tukes develops new kinds of control methods and is closely involved in the development of regulations. It has also launched safety emojis in line with current communication trends. 

Tukes activities cover a wide range of sectors in society. Changes in society and the operating environment pose novel challenges to the Agency and its supervision of safety. Key issues for Tukes include advancing digitalisation, the growth of the circular economy, increasing regulation at EU level and tighter national finances. A risk-based approach means that the supervision of safety is targeted at areas where the risks are greatest.

- Our vision focuses on a responsible, secure and competitive Finland, in the building and promotion of which we play a key role. The ongoing reforms in the work of the government authorities are providing us with new opportunities to fulfil our mission of protecting people, the environment and property from safety risks, says Director-General Kimmo Peltonen.

Provider of protection – facilitator of safety

Tukes has crystallised its strategy in the slogan ‘Provider of protection’, which means that Tukes promotes and facilitates safe operating practices. Legislation and the related supervision, guidance and communication provide protection, under which companies and citizens must act responsibly.

The streamlining of permit processes, the promotion of e-government services, taking the initiative in deregulation and alleviating the administrative burden of businesses are examples of actions already taken by Tukes. Tukes personnel are encouraged to innovate, experiment and develop their operations. Tukes' new values reflect this: Work together with expertise – experiment boldly and reform innovatively.

The range of Tukes' responsibilities has expanded rapidly in the 2010s. Most recently, in May 2016, supervision of consumer services was centralised with Tukes; the municipalities were formerly responsible for this. Tools and guidelines for safety management and risk management are being developed in cooperation with service sector organisations and service providers. The obligation to provide notification of the commencement of provision of a service will cease. Communication will also promote the safety of service users. Users are responsible for their own safety and that of others. In practical terms, the emphasis is on everyone's responsibility to take account of risks and follow instructions.

Emojis to make safety communications an everyday issue

Peltonen also emphasises the importance of active communication in support of supervision.

- Participation in social dialogue is an important part of modern government work. Our mission is to introduce security-related themes into social dialogue and decision-making, says Peltonen.

Tukes, which is active in social media channels, will launch safety emojis as part of its new strategy. The purpose of the emojis is to integrate safety into the everyday life of everyone, as part of everyday communication. Emojis suitable for mobile communications are a novel, fun way of approaching safety and regulatory work. They crystallise safety messages, warnings and instructions in concise symbols. The Tukes series of emojis even includes a “gray official”, marvelling or giving the thumbs up. 

The collection of 18 safety emojis (Tukes Turvallisuus application) is now available to download for free on Android devices from the Google Play store and later this month also from the App Store and the Windows Phone Store.

Further information:

Kimmo's strategy presentation (SlideShare)

Tukes strategy video (YouTube)

Demo of safety emojis

Safety emojis are available for downloading through this link

Kimmo Peltonen, Director General, tel.  +358 29 5052 157, Twitter: @K1mmoPeltonen

Kirsi Levä, Director of Development, tel. +358 29 5052 162, Twitter: @Kirsi200

Johanna Salomaa-Valkamo, Director of Communications, tel. +358 29 5052 481, Twitter: @salomaavalkamo

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