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Tukes had products in maternity packages tested - no defects were found

27.3.2019 9.15 | Published in English on 27.3.2019 at 15.56
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maternity package
Maternity package

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) examined the conformity of textiles, child care products and cosmetics included in maternity packages last year. The examination focused on the 2018 version of the maternity package that is provided by Kela and the ”Finnish Baby Box”, which is a maternity package offered by a commercial company. No safety defects were detected in the products that were examined.

Products in maternity packages must comply with safety requirements set for child products in EU and Finnish legislation. This means that textiles, for example, may not contain harmful substances and clothes may not contain long strings, or toys may not contain any small parts that come loose.

The conformity of textiles included in maternity packages was examined through laboratory analyses and visual inspection. Selected children’s textiles were analysed for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) as specified in EU’s chemical-related legislation (REACH Regulation).  In addition, obligations set for the delivery chain related to these substances were reviewed with companies that submit products to maternity packages. Products that were tested included bodysuits of various sizes, feeding bibs and waterproof mattress covers. Products examined in a laboratory complied with information provided by companies.

In addition to laboratory analyses, nickel content was measured in metal parts, such as studs and zippers, which come into contact with skin in bodysuits and sleepwear. No nickel that causes contact allergy was found in the products that were examined. Baby clothes and other textile products were also checked so that they do not contain any long strips and braids or small parts that come loose that could pose a risk to a baby. The labelling of cosmetic products was checked. In 2018, nipple cream was the only cosmetic product in the maternity package.

All maternity package products that were examined complied with requirements to the extent covered by the examinations.

Good chemical data management is part of a company’s responsibility

A couple of companies that submit products to maternity packages had some room for improvement in communication in the delivery chain related to harmful substances. Tukes has provided guidance to the companies in question on improving chemical data management as part of the delivery chain.

Tukes participates in the specification of requirements concerning products in Kela’s maternity package so that the mechanical safety of products and conformity regarding harmful substances will be better taken into account.

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