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Nordic co-operation promotes electrical safety

Publication date 10.6.2013 10.00
Press release

Nordic co-operation in electrical safety aims at accident prevention and early identification of safety risks.  Electrical accidents in the Nordic countries have now been studied further by M.Sc. (Eng.) Ms. Minna Kinnunen in her thesis "Electrical Accident Hazards in the Nordic Countries". The electrical safety situation in the Nordic countries was studied through analyzing records of electrical accidents occurring in the Nordic countries during year 2011 and by interviewing the authorities.

In her thesis Kinnunen described what kinds of accidents are typical in the Nordic countries and how they could be prevented in the future. In addition, she identified problem areas, new risks and good practices. Data was gathered from reports of electrical accidents filed to authorities in 2011 and by interviewing the authorities.

Seven people died from electricity in the Nordic countries in 2011, and fatal accidents happen every year both to electrical professionals as well as to laymen. The methods of electrical accident information collection and the number of accidents reported to the authorities vary. This affects what kind of information is received by each country. In 2011, Sweden received more reports on school/kindergarten-related accidents than the other countries whereas Denmark had the most information concerning ground cable and related accidents. Finland had the most overhead powerline -related accidents. Norway had most information on accidents that had occurred to instructed persons.

The research conclusions remind us of the importance of Nordic co-operation in the promotion of electrical safety. One of the most common problems is the shortage of information on accidents that happen during leisure time. The lack of data stems partly from leisure time electrical accidents usually not having to be reported to the authorities. Also, many people are most likely unaware that they could inform the authorities of the accident or that this information would be valuable in electrical accident prevention work.

Electrical safety authorities supervise and promote electrical safety through e.g.  surveillance, information services, research and follow-up of accidents.The Nordic electrical safety authorities comprise of Elsäkerhetsverket in Sweden, Sikkerhedsstyrelsen in Denmark, Tukes in Finland, DSB in Norway, Mannvirkjastofnun in Iceland, Grønlands Elmyndighed in Greenland, Elnevndin in the Faroe Islands and Ålands Landskapsregering in the Åland Islands.

More information:

Kinnunen Minna: Electrical Accident Hazards in the Nordic Countries

Ms. Minna Kinnunen: [email protected] (current employer)

Chief engineer Harri Westerlund (electrical installations) tel. +358 29 5052 572