How to light fireworks safely

Pay attention to yourself and others - using fireworks safely is not rocket science.

Uncorking a champagne bottle.

If you light fireworks, do not drink
You are responsible for the consequences of lighting fireworks, no matter the state you are in.

Dog is afraid under a blanket.

If you light fireworks, do not scare any animals
Avoid causing harm to pets and wild animals. Many animals are scared of fireworks.

House on fire.

If you light fireworks, go outside
Select the location so that your fireworks do not present a hazard to other people, buildings or vehicles.

Clocks are ticking.

If you light fireworks, verify the correct time
Fireworks can be used on New Year’s Eve from 6 pm to 2 am. 

Safety goggles.

If you light fireworks, remember safety goggles
Protect your eyes and others’ with safety goggles when lighting fireworks. 

Waste on the street.

If you light fireworks, do not leave any rubbish behind
Take all used rockets, sticks and other rubbish to a bin on the next day at the latest.

Fireworks in a crowd.

If you light fireworks, be an adult
Do not hand over fireworks to a minor or anyone who is intoxicated. You are always responsible for the use of the products you have purchased.

A person sits on a picnic chair in the snow under an umbrella and reads.

If you light fireworks, read the instructions for use 
Read the instructions on how to use fireworks well before using them. Follow the instructions.

Do this when lighting fireworks 

Select the right time

Follow the restrictions on the time of use. Fireworks can be used on New Year’s Eve from 6 pm to 2 am. At other times, the use of fireworks must be reported to the rescue authorities. Fireworks can also be used at another time approved by the local rescue department (e.g. the Venetian Festival).

Select the right place 

Remember that rockets and their guide sticks fall down after they have been used. This means that the use of fireworks should be avoided in residential areas. Suitable locations include the edges of more distant open areas, including agricultural land, playing fields, large vacant parking areas, waterbodies and similar areas where fireworks can be pointed in a safe direction. Use an appropriate base or support when lighting rockets. Fireworks are also more impressive when several users gather in the same place.

Follow the instructions for use and protect your eyes 

Read the instructions for use delivered with the product you have purchased well before use, and follow them. Pay special attention to pointing rockets in a safe direction and igniting fireworks. Stand back from an ignited product to a safe distance as instructed.

Wear safety goggles when lighting fireworks. You should also use a lighting stick. Spectators should also protect their eyes.

Do not under any circumstances:

  • Do not light fireworks intended for outdoor use indoors.
  • Do not set off fireworks on a balcony or through a window of a residential building.
  • Do not set off fireworks in your hand, unless the instructions specifically state that it is safe.
  • Do not point fireworks or throw lit fireworks at other people, buildings, other property or flammable material.
  • Do not use aerial tubes – they are no longer permitted.
  • Do not modify or combine products available in a shop in any way.
  • Do not even think about using products other than those available in a shop; the most serious accidents are usually caused by home-made products.
  • Do not hand over fireworks you have purchased to a minor or anyone who is intoxicated. You are always responsible for the use of the products you have purchased.