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Tukes investigating a lift accident resulting in a death

Publication date 12.5.2021 17.50 | Published in English on 21.5.2021 at 14.20
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The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) has appointed an investigation team to investigate a lift accident that resulted in a death. The aim of the investigation is to identify the factors leading to the accident and to establish practices to avoid similar accidents and to increase safety in the future.

The accident occurred in a hospital in Kauniainen on 11 May. On 12 May, Tukes made investigation in the scene. The technological reason for the accident is suspected to be a mechanical malfunction.

Tukes’s investigation will further examine the lift’s malfunction, maintenance and inspection history and other factors that may have contributed to the accident. The investigation team will cooperate with the police and the Safety Investigation Authority. Tukes’s investigation team comprises Antti Savola, Senior Specialist, and Sakari Hatakka, Senior Officer. The investigation will be finalised by September 2021.

Lift accidents resulting in death are rare. Before this, the previous accident that resulted in a death happened in 2018 and the latest accident before that happened in 2003. In 2014, a person died in an accident involving a wheelchair lift. In addition, Tukes annually receives several reports of dangerous situations or injuries related to lifts. Tukes investigates such incidents if it deems that an investigation is required to find out the cause of the accident or to prevent similar accidents in the future.


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Antti Savola, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 052 684
Kirsi Levä, Director, tel. +358 295 052 162
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