Labelling and packaging

Different laws require different markings and labelling, check the requirements specified on the branch-specific pages and in the relevant statutes.

In addition to the labelling requirements, packages are subject to other requirements, such as the requirements concerning chemicals in packages and the requirements on the packages used for transporting dangerous goods.


Product group-specific labelling requirements
Find out what kind of labelling is required in the legislation on the product group in question.

Testing to be carried out by an impartial third party is required for some of the labelling, such as the CE marking of some products, and in some provisions in the product-specific legislation.

Make sure you have all the required documents.

Ensure that the user instructions are in order
In case of consumer products, all user instructions and markings that are essential to safety must be in Finnish and Swedish in Finland, unless the instructions are given in pictorial form.

Be responsible
Make sure that the labelling corresponds to the actual situation.