Setting up a business

You will normally deal with Tukes when you

  • require a professional qualification or registering
  • apply for a licence or approval for a chemical or industrial plant
  • sell products or services.

Setting up a business

Entrepreneur’s responsibility
Learn about your responsibilities.

Regulations and requirements
Learn about the regulations and requirements in your field. Apply for the required permits.

Other business requirements
Take into consideration other business requirements, such as requirements related to customs and the environment.

Operate according to the regulations
Operate according to the licences, regulations and requirements.

Minimise dangerous situations
Assess risks and aim to remove hazards.

Develop and keep up to date
Develop your operations and keep up with the changes that take place in your operating environment and in legislation.

Close calls, accidents and dangerous products
Monitor close calls and learn from them. Report serious accidents and dangerous products to Tukes.