Surveillance is a way for Tukes to ensure that companies comply with legislation and that the companies, equipment, chemicals, products, services and other activities monitored by Tukes are safe and comply with the requirements. The objective of surveillance is to prevent accidents and harm/damage to people, property and the environment Surveillance is also a way of ensuring that companies are treated equally and that companies cannot gain a competitive edge by failing to comply with requirements.

We monitor safety and compliance in the following sectors

Products and chemicals

  • biocides
  • plant protection products
  • industrial and consumer chemicals
  • cosmetic products
  • detergents
  • aerosols
  • construction products
  • lifts
  • general consumer goods
  • toys and childcare products
  • articles of precious metals, jewellery and watches
  • gas equipment
  • personal protective equipment intended for consumer use
  • machinery intended for consumer use
  • measuring instruments
  • rescue service equipment
  • explosives and fireworks
  • electrical appliances
  • transport containers and packaging for hazardous agents
  • oil containers
  • pressure equipment

industrial plants, mines, equipment, installation, qualifications

  • handling and storage of dangerous chemicals
  • plants processing LPG and natural gas
  • explosives factories and warehouses
  • mines
  • ore prospecting and gold panning sites
  • installation, use and inspection of electrical equipment
  • contracting and servicing of lifts
  • installation of refrigeration equipment
  • installation of rescue service equipment
  • an inspection body approved by Tukes
  • use of pressure equipment


  • services for consumers

In sectors that require operators to demonstrate competence, the Accreditation Department of Tukes conducts periodic surveillance assessments as part of the procedure for maintaining accreditation. The objective is to maintain the competence of the operators and thus support Tukes’ supervision activities.


This is how Tukes supervises

Tukes monitors and promotes the safety and reliability of products and chemicals, the mining, chemicals and explosives industries, and of equipment and services.

Licences and qualifications
Tukes issues licences and qualifications, grants advance approval for certain products, and conducts skills assessments.

Risk-based approach
Supervision conducted by Tukes is risk based, meaning that it is mainly focused on targets that pose the greatest or most extensive risks, or on areas in which Tukes’ supervision will have the greatest effect.

Supervision in practice
Tukes conducts supervision in many ways: inspection visits to companies, periodic inspections and market surveillance of products, such as testing and surveillance of documentation.

A responsible, secure and competitive Finland