Finland’s market surveillance strategy 2022–2025

Each Member State must draw up a national market surveillance strategy at least every four years. The national strategy shall promote a consistent, comprehensive and integrated approach to market surveillance within the territory of the Member State.

Finland’s market surveillance strategy 2022-2025 includes goals and measures to implement effective and uniform national market surveillance, as well as cooperation between the Member States. The strategy sets out the market surveillance authorities’ general policies and surveillance priorities to achieve the goals set for market surveillance and optimise the effectiveness and impact of the available surveillance resources.

The vision of Finland’s market surveillance is:

Compliant products and fair competition

Our goal is to have a market in which Finns can trust that the products on sale comply with the statutory requirements, and where companies have fair conditions for competition. The market surveillance we perform is appreciated, competent, and reliable, which brings additional value to society.

The mission of Finland’s market surveillance is:

We perform market surveillance to ensure the products on the market comply with the statutory requirements. We thus protect people and the environment from the harmful effects of non-compliant products and create fair conditions for competition between companies.

Values guiding the work of the Finnish market surveillance authorities are:

Reliability - Impartiality - Expertise - Cooperation – Development

Strategic choices of Finland’s market surveillance strategy are:

  1. We target surveillance on products based on risks and for all trading channels.
  2. We cooperate actively, both nationally and at the EU level.
  3. We use communications as an effective tool.
  4. We develop and renew our surveillance processes.

Summary of Finland’s market surveillance strategy (pdf, 620 kb)

Finland’s market surveillance strategy 2022-2025 (pdf, 3,8 Mb)

Vision, mission, values and strategic choises. See text above for details.

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