Single liaison office for market surveillance (Fipoint) 

Each EU Member State has a Single Liaison Office for market surveillance, which is responsible for certain tasks related to market surveillance at national and EU-level. In Finland, the task of a single liaison office has been placed in Tukes. Within Tukes, the task of a single liaison office has been placed at the Fipoint group under the Products Unit. In the management of the single liaison office’s tasks, Fipoint acts impartially in relation to the other market surveillance authorities and Customs.

The single liaison office of Finland coordinates the cooperation between the authorities related to market surveillance and assists the market surveillance authorities in national and international cooperation. The single liaison office is responsible for preparing the coordinated position of the market surveillance authorities and Customs and for communicating it to the EU institutions. The coordinated position represents the common view of all national authorities carrying out market surveillance and control of the external borders.

The single liaison office also draws up the national market surveillance strategy with the cooperation group on market surveillance and communicates the national strategy to the Commission and the other Member States. The single liaison office represents Finland in the Union Product Compliance Network. In addition, with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the single liaison office represents Finland in the committee on product market surveillance and compliance.

In addition to the tasks of the Single Liaison Office, Fipoint performs the tasks of the Safety Gate Contact Point, the Information and Communication System for Market Surveillance (ICSMS) Contact Point, the Product Contact Point, and the Product Contact Point for Construction in Finland.

Fipoint can be contacted by email at fipoint(at)