Zoological parks, zoos and petting farms

The company or other party providing the service is responsible for the safety of zoological parks, zoos and petting farms.

Ensure the safety of zoological parks with sufficient fencing and the right instructions. Signs and clear routes guide the movement of the customers in the area.

It is important to monitor the customers and the animals. The importance of monitoring and instructing the customers is highlighted especially in situations, in which customers are in contact with the animals or can get permission to feed the animals. There should be instructions on how to act in an emergency and the contact person’s information available in the customer areas.

Toys in zoological parks

Petting farms and zoological parks often also have toys for children. The owner or the party maintaining the area must ensure that only safe playground equipment is used.

Ensure already in the procurement phase that the playground equipment fulfils the requirements of the relevant safety standards SFS-EN 1176 and SFS-EN 1177. The placement and upkeep of the equipment in the area also require planning.

Safety document

The different kinds of petting farms and zoos are obliged to draw up a safety document in accordance with the Consumer Safety Act. The document should assess the risks of activities related to watching the animals. Pay special attention to the wild animals classified as dangerous in instructions such those of the international zoo organisation EAZA.

A permit is required for many services that use animals!

Note that animals can only be exhibited in zoos or permanent or touring animal shows or used in circuses with the permission of the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI). This also applies to petting farms.