Bungee jumping

The service provider, meaning the company or party providing the service, is responsible for the safety of bungee jumping.


Documents in order


The bungee jumping organiser must draw up a safety document. Bungee jumping is often arranged in connection with various festivals and other public events, for example, and the jumping sites and conditions vary.  For this reason, the document should pay particular attention to the special characteristics of different jumping sites, such as the jumping and landing areas as well as jump platforms and installing the mobile jumping equipment.

In connection with events, the event organiser and the bungee jumping organiser should take the safety of bungee jumping into account as a part of the overall safety of the event.


Identify the risks


Bungee jumping organiser, you need to identify the following risks and minimise the hazards they cause:

  • the jumper’s physical condition
  • understanding the instructions
  • the condition of the equipment
  • the jumping site
  • the circumstances.


What to take into account in the planning


When planning to organise bungee jumping, take the following into account:

  • Draw up a safety document.
  • Choose the appropriate equipment for each jumper.
  • Make sure that the right kind of rope is selected by weighing the jumper. The harness must not fail in the middle of the jump, and it must be ensured separately that the harness fits each jumper.
  • Make sure that the jumping equipment has appropriate backup systems. For example, ankle cuffs are secured with a full body or hip harness which has a chest attachment as an additional part.
  • Make sure that the equipment is in good condition.
  • Familiarising yourself with other international safety instructions in the field is recommended.


Good safety practices


If you are an entrepreneur working in the field, Tukes recommends that you familiarise yourself with other international safety instructions in the field.

Finland does not have its own bungee jumping association that would have drawn up general safety instructions for the field, and there are no European EN or international ISO standards for bungee jumping. 

Typically, the entrepreneurs in the field rely on international training and safety instructions. For example, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the United Kingdom has published instructions on the safety of bungee jumping.