Play parks and amusement parks

This section includes services intended for playing and having fun, such as outdoor playgrounds maintained by municipalities and in common use by housing companies, trampoline parks and other indoor activity parks, as well as amusement parks and touring funfairs. The most important users of services intended for playing and having fun are children, young people and families.

The service provider for the play park or amusement park, in practice a business, a municipality or a housing company, is responsible for the safety of the service.

Among other things, the service provider is responsible for ensuring the following:

  • The equipment used is safe and suitable for the purpose.
  • The equipment is installed safely.
  • The equipment is used safely.
  • The equipment is maintained regularly and appropriately.
  • A safety document is drawn up for various indoor activity parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds as well as amusement parks

Standards ensure safety

There are many standards for toys and amusement park equipment. The standards present ways of meeting the requirements of the law. However, there are also other ways to ensure sufficient safety.

Standards such as the ones listed below should be used in the design of playgrounds and amusement parks, equipment purchases, construction and use:

  • SFS-EN 1176:2008 Playground equipment and surfacing. Parts 1–11.
  • SFS-EN 1177:2008 Impact attenuating playground surfacing. Methods of test for determination of impact attenuation.
  • SFS-EN 14960: 2013 Inflatable play equipment. Safety requirements and test methods
  • SFS-EN 14974:2010 Facilities for users of roller sports equipment. Safety requirements and test methods
  • SFS-EN 12572-2:2017 Artificial climbing structures. Part 2: Safety requirements and test methods for bouldering walls
  • ASTM F2970-15. Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Major Modification of Trampoline Courts
  • PAS 5000:2017 Specification for the construction and operation of a fixed indoor trampoline park
  • SFS-EN 13814:2004 Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures. Safety
  • ISO 17842-1-3:2015 Safety of amusement rides and amusement devices