Beauty care and body modification

Out of the beauty care and body modification services, tattooing and piercing, eyelash extensions, microblading and dermal filler injections are included in the consumer services monitored by Tukes. The services involve carrying out aesthetic or beauty care measures that do not involve health care or medical treatment.

Therefore, beauty care and body modification services are not included in the health care or medical services referred to in health care legislation and monitored by Valvira. All measures carried out by health care professionals that require special medical expertise are considered health care or medical treatment or comparable services, to which the Consumer Safety Act does not apply. Such services include, for example, aesthetic surgery or measures that require anaesthesia.

In many cases, beauty care or body modification services have long-term or permanent effects on consumers. For example, removing a tattoo may cause a great deal of costs and inconvenience. The cosmetic products used in the treatments may cause severe allergic reactions, and deficient hygiene may cause other health problems.

All beauty care and body modification services must be safe. The risks of the service must be identified and assessed in advance, and a record must be kept on the health hazards to customers. A safety documents must be drawn up on tattooing and piercing, microblading, permanent makeup and other body modification services.