Downhill skiing services and ski resorts

Ski resorts are responsible for the safety of the downhill skiing services.

Tukes monitors the customer safety and correct use of services offered to customers at downhill skiing centres as well as ski lifts. For example, instructing the customers in using the lifts, monitoring the use of the lifts and the customers exiting the lifts are all included in the downhill skiing service monitored by Tukes. The Regional State Administrative Agencies are responsible for monitoring the technical safety of ski lifts. In addition, inspection bodies carry out installation and periodic inspections of ski lifts.

Documents in order!

Draw up a safety document on the operation of the ski resort. A good safety document describes the functions of the ski resort and the related risks in sufficient scope and detail. More detailed work instructions and checklists for the personnel may be attached to the safety document.

Regular inspections of the slopes, signs and places of activity should be recorded in the lift or slope log, for example.

Identify the risks!

You can use Tukes’ instructions and tools to identify risks

What to take into account in the planning

  • Place the children’s areas with their regular and tube slides in safe locations in relation to the other functions on the slopes.
  • Cushion hazardous fixed obstacles on the edges of the slopes in case of collisions with the downhill skiers, or protect them in other ways.
  • Instruct the customers in safe downhill skiing with the help of the slope rules and other signs, such as slope difficulty signs.
  • Monitor that the slope rules are followed and intervene in hazardous activities, if necessary.