Storage coordinator, responsible person

Permanent and temporary storage facilities must have a responsible person. The responsible person can have deputies.

The responsible person is responsible for ensuring that the storage facility is always in compliance with the requirements set for it. The responsible person must ensure the following:

  • maintenance for the storage facility
  • appropriateness of records
  • guidance
  • drills in accordance with the internal rescue plan
  • labelling and signs for the storage facility
  • that no significant changes have happened in the surroundings of the storage facility.

The responsible person and the deputy must have a junior charger’s certificate, a senior charger’s certificate or a chief charger’s certificate in accordance with Finnish legislation. Persons with a Tukes certification for an explosives storage coordinator can also act as the responsible person. The competence of the responsible person will be checked during the commissioning inspection.

The responsible person must provide consent in writing for accepting the responsibility, and the consent document must be included in the storage facility’s records. The consent document must specify on the duties, rights and responsibilities of the responsible person. Changes to the responsible person do not require submitting a notification to Tukes or the local rescue department. The party storing the explosives must keep up-to-date records on the responsible person and the deputies.