Using fireworks

The organiser of a professional fireworks display must always acquire a decision from Tukes allowing the display. Products meant for professional use are often different from the products meant for consumer use. The decision from Tukes will allow the professional fireworks display within the limits specified in the decision. The decision is company specific.

The manufacturer or importer of a fireworks product must provide instructions for the disposal of the product. Fireworks do not always function as intended. Malfunctioning fireworks can be expired or otherwise unusable or there may be another reason to dispose of them in some other way than by using them. Fireworks can be disposed of by the manufacturer and persons with a charger’s certificate.

Tukes conducts tests on fireworks and other pyrotechnic products at its testing facility. This helps in ensuring the products are in compliance with the requirements concerning such products. Tukes does not supervise the use of fireworks. However, if accidents occur, Tukes can take part in the investigation.