Safety requirements for storing explosives and applying for a permit

Explosives can be stored in a permanent or temporary storage facility.

Permanent and temporary storage facilities can include several separate storage buildings located on the same area.

Storing explosives at a store for consumer sales is not considered permanent.

Permanent storage refers to the continuous storing of explosives in the same location for several years. The amount of explosive material that can be stored is limited by the required separation distance from the surrounding sites.

Explosives that can be stored are:

  • explosives for civil uses
  • detonators
  • propellant powder
  • cartridges
  • fireworks

Temporary storage is a storage facility that is clearly intended for temporary use, such as at a road work site, a fixed-term extraction operation or a similar site. In practice, only explosives for civil uses and detonators can be stored temporarily. The amount stored cannot exceed 10,000 kilograms.