Technical requirements for storing explosives in retail premises

In the customer premises of the store, the explosives must be stored in a cabinet that is inaccessible by customers. Products belonging to different product groups must be stored in their own cabinets. This means that cartridges, primers and propellant powder must be stored in one cabinet, fireworks in another and flare guns and flares in a third.  Party poppers, confetti, sparkler candles, sparklers and other similar products do not need to be placed in a cabinet.

In addition to the normal lock, the cabinet must have an additional lock that is used to secure the cabinet after the store closes. The cabinet’s structure must meet requirements set out in the standard SFS 4399.

Consumer products can be stored elsewhere in the retail premises in addition to the customer premises. Such a space must be made a separate fire section. At minimum, the section must meet the requirements of the fire resistance class El 120 if propellant powder is stored. In other cases, it must be at least El 60 fire resistant. In addition, the storage facility requires a permit or authorities must be notified on it as described in the previous section.