Permit for temporary storage and inspections

Apply for a permit for temporary storage from Tukes two weeks prior to storing the explosives at the latest. Tukes will request all required statements.

A clear and complete application speeds up the processing of your application. The application can be submitted electronically by emailing it to the address kirjaamo (at) If you submit your application as physical copies, please mail the application in three copies. The applicant is free to decide the format of the application.

Append the following documents and information to your application for a permit for temporary storage:

  • the name of the party storing the explosives with business ID, and contact details with invoicing information
  • location of the storage, street address and coordinates
  • purpose of the storage
  • for temporary storages, information on the site the storage will be located on and the planned duration of storing
  • the type of the explosives to be stored, such as civil explosives, detonators, propellant powder, fireworks, cartridges
  • hazard classes of the explosives
  • amounts of the explosives
  • ownership information of the area
  • land use plans of the area
  • separation distances between the storage buildings and other surrounding sites, min 1 km radius
  • structure of the storage buildings
  • security and intruder alarm systems of the storage buildings
  • site plan with buildings
  • map of the area
  • hazard and risk assessment
  • possible electronic equipment in the storage and ventilation.

Permit decision for temporary storage and inspections

Tukes grants a permit for temporary storage if the planned storing meets the requirements. The permit can include conditions and restrictions for the storing. The applicant should carefully read the permit decision and the conditions set in it.

Before a temporary storage facility can be used, the party storing the explosives must request a commissioning inspection in accordance with the permit decision. If the local rescue department and Tukes have agreed on a process, the permit decision will specify the local rescue department as the party conducting the commissioning inspection. If the permit decision specifies Tukes as the inspecting party, responsibility for conducting the commission inspection cannot be transferred to the local rescue department.

Permits for temporary storage are valid for two years. Upon an application, the validity of the permit can be extended if everything is deemed to be in order in an additional inspection, conducted by Tukes or the local rescue department, and the site still requires the explosives to be stored. The party storing the explosives must submit the application for the extension of their permit’s validity to Tukes before the permit expires. Based on the inspection, Tukes will grant a one-year extension to the permit’s validity at a time, with the maximum extension being two years.

Temporary storing of explosives

Permit from Tukes
Apply for a permit from Tukes before storing the explosives. The permit can include conditions for the storing.

Storing is temporary
The storage facility is meant for storing explosives for work requiring excavation or detonation. Maximum storing period is four years.

Explosives to be stored
The explosives that can be stored are explosives for civil use and detonators.

Tukes inspection
Tukes or the local rescue department (determined in the permit decision) will inspect the storage facility. The party storing the explosives must request Tukes or the local rescue department to inspect the facility before the explosives are stored.