Import, supply and transfer of explosives

Import of explosives

Import of explosives from outside the EEA requires an import permit from Tukes. The import permit requirement applies to civil explosives and pyrotechnic articles, including fireworks. A link to the application forms for civil explosives and pyrotechnic articles can be found here (in Finnish). The application can be submitted to the address kirjaamo (at)

Receiving the permit requires the applicant to provide a statement on the products to be imported, information on their intended use, quantity and hazard class, and a description of how storage will be organised. Transport and import of explosives are supervised by the Finnish Customs and Police

Supply and transfer of explosives

Explosives that are appropriately under control can be transferred physically to another business or person, if said party is entitled to procuring and possessing the explosives.

In a transfer of civil explosives, the control of the explosives is transferred from one company to another, e.g. from the manufacturer to the charger. All companies in the explosives industry must be registered with Tukes. After registering, the company is provided with a fixed-term permit, i.e. transfer document, for the procurement of civil explosives. Tukes approves transfer documents nationally and between EU member states.

Bulk civil explosives do not require a transfer document if the product is a non-explosive raw material for an emulsion explosive within the meaning of the legislation on the industrial chemicals.