Storage of explosives intended for consumer sales

The retailer must apply for a permit from Tukes for storing the following products:

  • cartridges for firearms
  • cartridge primers
  • propellant powder
  • flare guns, flares and emergency smoke bottles.

If the firearm cartridges, cartridge primers and propellant powder are only stored in a cabinet located inside the store, no permit from Tukes is required. In this case, a trade permit for dealing in firearms in accordance with the Firearms Act is sufficient. If the products are planned to be stored elsewhere in the premises in addition to a cabinet in the store, e.g. in a basement, you must apply for a permit from Tukes.

A permit from Tukes must always be applied for flare guns, flares and emergency smoke bottles.

The retailer must also notify the local rescue department on the storing of the following products:

  • fireworks (F1)

The rescue department must be notified at least one month before the fireworks are placed in storage for retail purposes. A form for making the notification is available on the websites of the rescue departments.

The notification is not necessary if the only party poppers, confetti, sparkler candles, sparklers or similar are stored in the store.

Pyrotechnic products causing insignificant hazard can be stored within retail premises without notification as long as the amount of the products does not exceed 50 kg.


Apply for a permit from Tukes well in advance before building the storage facility. The applicant is free to decide the format of the application, but the application must still include the required documents and information. The application can be submitted electronically.

A clear and complete application speeds up the processing of your application. The application can be submitted electronically by emailing it to the address kirjaamo (at) If you submit your application as physical copies, please mail the application in two copies. The applicant is free to decide the format of the application.

An application for a permit to store explosives in retail premises must include following information:

  • the name of the party storing the explosives and contact details with invoicing information
  • storage location, address
  • type of the explosives
  • hazard class of the explosives
  • amounts of the explosives
  • structure of the storage buildings
  • store layout indicating the location of the explosives within the store
  • intrusion protection of the storage.

Permit decision and inspections

The permit granted by Tukes can include conditions and restrictions for the storing. The retailer should carefully read the permit decision and the conditions set in it.

Before the explosives are stored in the retail premises, the party storing the explosives must request a commissioning inspection from Tukes. After the commissioning inspection, Tukes conducts periodic inspections in the premises every 1 to 5 years. Tukes will contact the retailer for scheduling the inspections.

The rescue department annually inspects retail premisses selling fireworks. The rescue department will conduct the inspections independently, and the retailer does not need to request the inspection from the rescue department.