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Tukes civil servant released

Publication date 11.11.2020 9.57 | Published in English on 13.11.2020 at 12.45
Press release

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) has been informed that the Central Finland Police Department has released the Tukes civil servant on Tuesday the 10th of November. The civil servant has returned to work. Tukes has discussed the matter with the police, but Tukes does not at the moment have specific information about the matters brought up in the preliminary investigation.

The police are responsible for the information about the preliminary investigation and the matters brought up there. Tukes continues cooperating with the police to investigate the matter.

- It is important that the matter is thoroughly investigated. We discuss the matter internally and will make our own decision on possible further measures, says Kimmo Peltonen, Director General of Tukes.

Tukes acts as the mining authority referred to in the Finnish Mining Act and is responsible for monitoring compliance with the act and attending to duties prescribed in the act. The construction of a mine and its operation require a mining safety permit. Mining safety permits are issued by Tukes. Mining safety refers to the structural and technical safety of mines, the prevention of hazards and accidents and the mitigation of the adverse effects of accidents. 

Interrogations conducted during the preliminary investigation are kept secret until the preliminary investigation has been completed or a decision has been made to prosecute.

Further information:

Director General Kimmo Peltonen, tel. 029 5052 157
[email protected]

Press release from Tukes on the 4th of November: Tukes civil servant under suspicion 

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